Its been a while since I experience this word TENSION.
Well today , I finally experienced it once more.

1st - assignments
This month we were thrown with bunch lots of assignments
But with friggin short deadlines.
I wonder why must the assignments all thrown to us together.
Well anyways,
Perhaps this is what they called College life.
I'll have to survive with it.

2nd - personal life
There is a lots of conflicts going on in my life.
That no one knows.
Some of its is not appropriate to say in blog.
So i'll just keep it for myself.
Lately I've been spare most of my time in front of my com.
Well for some reason.
Shhh =)
Im willing to wait.
This feeling made me jealous.
This feeling drove me mad.
This feeling makes me worry.
But at the same time
This feeling makes me happy.
This feeling comforts me.
This feeling make me feel love.

I really wanna ask help from time and my brain.
Time please give me more time
And brain can you stop thinking for a while???
Take a rest

These few weeks
My head full of you
Do you know that?
I need you
By my side

I just received a shocking news
From my uncle,
She said that my grand aunt just passed away
Due to those assignments
I might not able to see her for the last time.
This made me friggin hate assignment.
Im sorry if im not able to go back
I really are.
Rest in peace ya.
May God bless you.


P.s : I have a lot of problem and Im concealing it , but I don wanna bother you with it , I just keeping it for myself as I know you have your own problems , I need you , Do you know that?! =X

Emo-ing moment.

25th August 2009


Hey again fella !!
Quite long din't update my blog already,
Well kind of busy with hell lots of assignments,
Basically thats cool as its my first time doing those stuff, I mean presentation.
Well so far so good,
Nothing special going on in my life yet,
Nothing unusal about me,
Just kinda miss my home and hometown,
Place where can eat like king and sleep like pig, XD
Nowadays cant get enough sleep due to some personal reason,
Well kinda get used to it now.
Well basically this is what I 've been doing lately
I dyed my hair, cut my hair, thanks to my cousin sister ^^

There this is how i look like now.

Well im not really in mood to write further so ADIOS Amigos... BYE

P:s --> I wish u could understand that i care so so much about u, too much that makes me wanna be with u...

Sleepless night Is back to Haunt me


Days after days,
Weeks after weeks,
Months after months,
Dark memories of the past has gradually vanguished swollen by the time,
At least that what I think before,
Dark memories wasn't that easy to get rid of,
Although I do agree that time do heal,
That is no doubt about it,
But, once there's a scar, there always be a scar,
Even if u undergo plastic surgery or what,
It still there mentally,
Anyway, the past sleepless night has AGAIN come to haunt me,
Every night sleep at 2 or 3 am,
Sometimes doesn't even sleep,
Felt so suffer at first, but after a while, the pain has became so numb,
These few nights, all the past memories, has flew back to me,
Some was comforting and some wasn't,
No matter it's good or not,
I still kinda miss it,
I don't think I ever have the strength to think too much about it,
But I know what I want,
I want my previous life back, the life once I think there were no ending at all,
The life where I cherish my "diamond" most,
The life with my family and relatives,
As it's hard to fake around like Im okay,
It's hard to conceal my real feeling,
All the sudden, I felt lonely again,
All the sudden, I lost my ways one more time,
Suddenly, my angel's image rise up to me again and start to fade again,
And she was too far away like I cant even reach up to her,
Back then I was too anxious to get to the top of the mountain,
Till I forget what my principles were,
Now , I only can reminisce ,
This one sweet scar is never gonna healed and being replace by anyone,
As this is the most precious and the very first scar I ever have,
And I know why I missed those moment,
As she was one of the kind,
If time may turn back, I wish and I will makes things better again,
But sadly that aint gonna happen,
Once more,
The life is so quiet and lonesome again,,,

ps : My heart always think of u , cant stop thinking since the first day I've met u , although the time was short ... but I missed you so so much ...

I had to off , this feeling is killing me , but I felt better writing it out
Love BaByWj



Hm...its been a while folks
Now we met again
Its been a while for me to get online as there is some problem
Well that doesn't matter now
I can finally online
4Meg sounds great huh
Still its fine for me
Today went to Sungai Wang to meet my sis
Well lucky for me
No need to wait for Ktm
But have to run to get to the train la
As the train all FULL!!
Have to go in and the train was like a sardin in the tin
Then meet up with my sis
We went to eat together
KimGary Restaurant
The food is nice but unfortunately no photo of it
Then we went our seperate ways * lazy wan describe what we do XD
Then I went back

Let's have a little brief bout my college's life
It was nice as I knew many new friends
Girls Boys hyperactive ppl
All got XD
After few weeks being Taylorian
Finally some challenges showed up
Last Thursday went for a trip to National Musuem
Here's some pics
Have a look

~~ Well ~~
Hope will have interesting assignment instead of boring one
Thats all for today

ps * My feeling very complicated now...perhapss... ???!! What did I still think about ?? blur larrr... @.@



1. Besides lips,where is your favorite spot to get kiss?

-->Cheeks ^^

2. How do you feel when you wake up this morning?

-->Like just wake up from hell?? Tired

3. Who was the last person you took photo with?

-->My Friends

4. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?

--> Hm...not really ~~

5. Would you ever donate blood?

-->Yea...but dono enough blood or not

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was the opposite sex?

-->Ofcors....! ^^

7. Do you want someone dead?

-->Not at all...

8. What does your last text massage says?

-->Hey where are u guys??

9. What are you thinking right now?

-->My past memories and current problems

10. Do you wish someone to be with you right now?

-->Yea...really need accompany

11. What time you went to bed last night ?

--> 3am

12. Where do you buy the T-shirt that you’re wearing now ?

-->Its free...lolx

13. Is someone in your mind right now ?

--> Hm...someone important??

14. Who was the last person to texted you ?

-->Wei Jie

15. 10 people to tag to do this quiz.

1) Calwin
2) Niaseng
3) Lynn
4) Esther
5) Cheepoh
6) Viking
7) Angie
8) Chocolate
9) Angela

16. Who is 2 having relationship with ?

--> Not available lar...hahaha

17. Is 3 male or female ?

- -> 101% is a SHE..

18. if 7 & 10 get together, would it be a good thing ?

--> Hmmm...Dono

19. What is 1 studying about ?

-->Medic...future doctor lee
20. When was the last time you had a chat with 5 ?

21. Is 4 single ?

--> nope

22. Say something about 2.

--> Kind
23. What do you think about 3 & 6 being together?

--> Hm...impossible i think??

24. Describe 9.

--> Er...didint noe her well...Cute gal??
25. What would you do if 6 & 7 fight ?

--> Wahhh~!! Boy no hit girl gua

26. Do you like 8 ?

--> Hm...dint know her...


3. Black

Taylorian's and KL Life


Sorry ah...disappeared for sometimes...
Actually i don't have much inspiration to write also...
Due to friends keep asking me why dint I update my blog...
I have to update bit...
Sorry sorry to friends...

Well so far , I live a good life after started new life as taylorian...
Except, my economic problem still havent solved since the day I stepped into KL
Haha...now is all about money money money $$$
Living cost so damn high !!
Well...have to budget anyway....
I knew so many friend after i came here...
Im grateful...hahaha...plus taylor is a good school...^^
I like it... wish to knew more friends...
Of course , I knew some friends from KDU
They all very nice...playful and friendly
I like being with friends...
But still seeing some sweet scene makes me recall back those memories...
Miss it much... haha XD

Thats all for tonight... Adios!! ^^
Ciao ~~




Paiseh lar...few days already I din't online...
Currently lost connection with internet for a while,
Hopefully will get a hold with internet again soon...
Haha XD... I miss you internet...
This few days I currently lepak at my cousin's house at damansara
Quite fun staying here, this few days i keep following her to school,
Like bodyguard pulok, paiseh la, if I disturbed the class -- outsider ma ~
I attended math class and micro-economics class at KDU
Knew few new friends too...they quite warm and funny anyways ~
Yesterday went to play basketball with them,
Walao, I damn shocked that my stamina has decreased that much lor,
Like ah pek play ball, hahahaXD
I made someone injured in a little competition, paiseh ar ~ hope u're ok... hahaz
Thats all la... lazy describe all...lolx
Sayonara ~~

ps : congratulation to someone who has passed her "shi mian"...good luck and all the best in ur next round ya...^^ I'll always back u up and give u support ^^ take care ...Lov...